Texas Inmate Search

Texas detainee records give distinguishing data about people imprisoned in different confinement offices over the state. Such offices incorporate detainment facilities and prisons worked by the government, areas, urban communities, and private elements. Subtleties in prisoner records kept up by these offices contain individual data like names, sexual orientations, and ages/dates of birth just as regulatory data like detainees’ guardianship statutes, areas, and enrollment numbers. Restorative office administrators may make all or a portion of these records accessible to the general society Inmate search in United states.

Inmate Search Using Computer

You can go to the online Texas Prisoner Search Page and put in the last name and, at any rate, the primary letter of the principal character. The following screen will give you a rundown of Texas jail detainees, their TDCJ numbers, extended delivery date, and the task unit. (Remember to debilitate your spring up blocker, or it won’t work!)

Texas Inmate Search by Email

You can likewise get Texas detainee search data by email. The following data is accessible; however, be explicit in your email what you are mentioning:

  • TDCJ Number
  • Guilty party area
  • Offense of Conviction
  • Current imprisonment: offense, province, and the court of conviction


Extended Delivery Date:

(Extended delivery date is dictated by the offense date and the idea of the offense. Offenses submitted preceding 9-1-96, which is by Law qualified for Compulsory Management, will be delivered on their extended delivery date if they are not paroled.

Offenses submitted 9-1-96 or after, which are by Law qualified for Required Management, will be delivered at BPP’s watchfulness. For Texas prisoners not affirmed for discharge by BPP or are not eligible for Obligatory Management, the extended delivery date will be their release date).

Email to this address.

Utilize the wrongdoer’s TDCJ number and full name. If you don’t have the foggiest idea about the TDCJ number, give the specific birth (if the birth date isn’t known, give their estimated age and province of conviction).

If it’s not too much trouble, remember Texas prisoner’s name for the email’s headline.

There is no charge for this administration.

Inmate Search by Telephone

TDCJ detainee search demands by phone can get made requesting general data or parole status for Texas prisoners.

Guilty party Finder/General Data Line - Huntsville, (936) 295-6371, or (800) 535-0283.

Locating Inmates in Texas Prisons

The TDCJ keeps up the records of prisoners imprisoned in the CID and private contractual workers’ offices. To discover these prisoners, utilize the Guilty party Data Search instrument gave on the TDCJ site. This device permits anybody to look through the TDCJ’s detainee information base by name, TDCJ number, or state ID (SID) number. They can likewise limit their inquiries by picking a sexual orientation and, additionally, race.

Notwithstanding the online finder instrument, the TDCJ can likewise give prisoner area by telephone. To acquire this data, call its Overall Data line at (936) 295-6371 or (800) 535-0283. To inquire about a wrongdoer’s status, call (844) 512-0461 if the Leading body of Exonerations and Paroles has not decided on the prisoner’s level (512) 406-5202 after the vote. Enquirers must give prisoners’ TDCJ or SID number or their dates of birth.

Texas law additionally permits the TDCJ to deliver detainee area and wrongdoer status by email. Other detainee records accessible by email include:

  • TDCJ Number
  • Offense of conviction
  • Imprisonment history
  • Current imprisonment (crime, region, and the court of conviction)
  • Extended delivery date


To get these detainee records, send a solicitation to [email protected] and give the prisoner’s complete name and TDCJ number. On the off chance that the TDCJ number is obscure, provide a date of birth or the wrongdoer’s roughage and the province of conviction. Try to place the wrongdoer’s complete name in the title of the email.

Locating Inmates in Texas City and County Jails

To find prisoners held in a district, city, or metropolitan prison in Texas, start by visiting the area/city/civil site. City police offices generally work city prisons while sheriff’s workplaces run area correctional facilities. As a rule, these offices just hold pretrial people and those carrying out harsh punishments typically coming about because of criminal offenses.

Visit the sheriff’s office segment of a region site or the police division part of a city site to discover the district’s prison data. Commonly, such website pages have detainee finder instruments for finding people remanded in neighborhood correctional facilities. Then again, search the city/province site for the nearby prison’s contact data or the law requirement office supervising the detainment community. Such data will incorporate the physical location of the area/city prison and its contact telephone number. Call or visit the prison to enquire about prisoner records.