Why mugshots are used against criminal?

Every day thousands of crimes are occurring in every country. People do against the government law are sentenced to punishment according to the crime which they have done for. Based on the crime the law is proceeding on the individual or the group of person who does the crime. The criminal case reports with personal details and photographs are attached for identification. The suspect is arrested for having any sort of weapons like guns, knives, and other Sharpe items which are used for attacking. Involving in these sorts of criminal activities will be subject to crime need to arrest by the police. The clackamas county mug shots the process deals with step by step process before action against the criminal. The criminal undergoes for punishable treatment for involving and does action against the government properties. After the arrest process, the suspect is taken to jail and every belonging is collected separately in various places.

Mugshots for the criminal

During the arrest, the criminal finds the way escape by saying the same name that stands nearby. To clarify the suspect name the old recorded are used for identification on it. The suspect is issued with an arrest warrant and put inside the jail. The clackamas county mug shots are highly secured and no can’t escape from the jail. With a high bodyguard, the wall builds up 20 feet. Every cell is built with a strong foundation combined with a steel bar for the front door and can be open or break it. They are used to determine the same person is arrested for the crime where the persons on the spot with the same names over it. Photography is used for identifying the suspects. It is also used for showing the court about the suspect physical condition is good during the mugshots.