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Competition Dates 2014/15


2013/2014 Results

EDEN World Championships
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Eden, Northern Snooker Centre and Holiday Inn

World Champion - Reanne Evans

Runner Up - On Yee Ng

World Championship Knockout results
World Championship group results
World Championship Plate results

World Championship Billiards results

World Champion - Emma Bonney

Runner Up - Revanna Umadevi

Under 21 results

World Champion - Hannah Jones

Runner Up - Yana Shut

Senior results

World Champion - Chitra Magimairaj

Runner up - Alena Asmolava


World Champions - Yana Shut/ Ben Woollaston

Runners Up - Wendy Jans/ Jamie Clarke


World Champions - Ng On Yee/ So Man Yan

Runners Up - Reanne Evans/ Anita Maflin

Latest Rankings

Congratulations to:

2014 Connie Gough Memorial Champion - Reanne Evans

Connie Gough Champion - Reanne Evans
Connie Gough Runner Up - Maria Catalano
Plate Champion - Laura Evans
Plate Runner Up - So Man Yan
Under 21 Champion - Hannah Jones
Under 21 Runner Up - Diane Tracevic
Senior Champion - Eva Palmius
Senior Runner Up - Sharon Kaur

2014 Southern Classic Champion - Ng On Yee

Southern Classic Champ Ng On Yee (RU Maria Catalano)
Southern Classic Plate Champ - Hannah Jones (RU Laura Evans)
Southern Classic U 21 Champ - Hannah Jones (2nd Jasmine Bolsover 3rd Jodie Symes)

2013 Eden Masters Champion - Reanne Evans

Eden Masters Champ - Reanne Evans (RU Maria Catalano)
Eden Plate Champ - Jaique Ip Wan In (RU Yu Ching Ching)

2013 UK Ladies Champion - Ng On Yee

UK Ladies Champion - Ng On Yee (RU Maria Catalano)
UK Plate Champ - Tatjana Vasiljeva (RU Hannah Jones)

2013 Intl Ladies Billiards Champion - Emma Bonney

Intl Ladies Champion - Emma Bonney (RU Hannah Jones)
Intl Ladies Plate Champ - Gaye Jones (RU Rochy Woods)

2013 British Open Champion - Reanne Evans

British Open Champion - Reanne Evans (RU Hannah Jones)
Plate Champion - Vicky Carter (RU Maureen Rowland)
Under 21 Champion - Hannah Jones (RU Ellie Jones)
Senior Champion - Jenny Poulter (RU Maureen Rowland)

Next event
Connie Gough - Sunday 30th March 2014

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