If you love traveling and spending your vacations on exotic destinations you need to know about boutique hotels. Travelling might seem a luxury to some, for others it is a necessity but for most, it is a perfect way to cleanse your body and mind from the daily problems that you face in your life. People expect perfect location, beautiful architecture, neat hotel and nicely decorated rooms what they usually neglect is that big and famous hotels are crowded. The only solution is to get a hotel that is small so the management can take care of everything better and treat everyone just the way people need to be pampered on their vacations. Here are four reasons why you must choose Boutique Hotels over other luxury hotels.


Mostly boutique hotels are smaller than other hotels, which means they can have from 10 to 100 rooms. There are fewer people and less noise, this is best if you are on a vacation and you want to relax. If you don’t like socializing and meeting people, boutique hotels are best for your stay. They are not overcrowded which means they have just the right amount of people, not so overcrowded neither too empty. You will still get the homely vibes and everyone can enjoy their privacy because there are fewer people.

Well kept

Most of the rooms are very well kept just because they don’t have too much to take care of. They know that customers are in for tidy rooms but they decorate the rooms with special interior intelligence which makes it perfect for a honeymoon. Rather than getting a big five-star luxury hotel, it’s better to get a small hotel where you can relax better.


Most of the boutique hotels are different, so when you enter the hotels it’s not just like another hotel room designed for a stay. Every room and every boutique hotel are different. In hospitality industry where it becomes boring for a traveler to select a hotel because the style is too monotonous, boutique hotels are like a fresh breeze for the travel geeks.


If you are bored of same white sheets, white walls and boring monotonous architecture boutique hotels might be the best thing for you. They designed in a way to bring out something unique that you don’t see everywhere else. Most boutique hotels, for this reason, have a theme, this can be vintage, wood, and classy or color splash. Something about a theme hotel is always intriguing for people and boutique hotels address this need very well.


If you are someone who loves room service and you love having breakfast in bed boutique hotels are best for you. They have fewer people so when they prepare breakfast they make sure it’s perfect with every little detail, texture, and taste just right. Unlike most luxury hotels that serve with boring white dishes and same old plating style, boutique hotels are working to encourage the uniqueness in everything. All these things make your stay even better and your vacations more relaxing.