A hotel industry is considered as service providers on short term according to all basic human needs. Previously, travelers were charged for only few amenities which are; bed, small cup board, a table. But now a dramatic change is seen everywhere. Services are changed now in a better way that every small hotel provides luxurious amenities like wifi, air conditioner, heaters, laundry, TV, room services, etc.

There are some hotels which are categorized separately according to demand, budget, taste and culture of the people. Mostly 2 main type of hotels are discussed which are budget hotels and luxurious hotels.

Let’s have a look over them:


Lavish people consider luxury hotels for their stay. There are few factors which hoteliers keep in mind while creating hotel’s image; their staff must be professionally trained, services are best out of the box, catering is well organized, their aim is to provide all such amenities which is the need of traveler. That keeps their stay in a very peaceful environment. Besides basic amenities luxury hotels provides free spa service, swimming pool, bars, dance clubs, laundry, beauty centers, slimming centers, gym with latest equipment, fish tanks, galleries (for creating best views only).

Some service are highly charged but few are complimentary as well, for example; breakfast, daily newspaper, television cable, towel, soap, tooth paste, etc.

Luxury hotels are further classified into different categories depending upon country and their location, they charge for what they serve. It is true that money can buy you anything. If you have money you will get comfort outside from home as well.

They have their own restaurants but their food quantity does not match with the price. But somehow it tastes good.


Budget hotels are suitable for those people who run their families and wants to enjoy their vocations, spend some leisure time with family at different place. By keeping such conditions in mind these hotels are designed and facilitated as well.

Their facilities are not just basic, it also serves luxurious services like common swimming pool, gym with basic equipment only, playing area for kids, common guest room of hotel, break fast, internet service, room service, etc.

These hotels are not fancy but clean. Most of them are too old. They are not so attractive even their designing is not an assignment of interior designers that is the reason they don’t look too classy. But facilities are main thing when you travel.

Few best examples of budget hotels are in Asia, they provide best budget hotels which provide almost all luxuries with very low budget. Everyone can stay there. Those who require to show their class would prefer to book 5 star hotels in Asia otherwise, all facilities are given by every hotel.

Restaurants are best part of these hotels. Traditional food gives compliment to their hotel. In their connected restaurants all cuisines are been provided. Even they supply food to your rooms as well with extra payment of course.